Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery - November 2021

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society decide to put on a murder mystery play. They consider themselves to be more adventurous than the Old Vic or the RSC so what could possibly go wrong? Judging by the events that take place during the play, just about everything! Bits of the scenery collapse, cues are missed, lines are forgotten and the lighting and sound effects are….well strange.
If the cunning whodunit is not enough, there is also a film, a fashion show and a Murder Mystery Quiz (complete with prize). The indomitable Mrs Reece, who chairs the Group, is constantly at hand to keep everything going, including having to manage an alternative ending when the ‘murderer’, about to be revealed, has to rush home due to a domestic incident! This play-within-a-play creates some amazing comic moments that provides brilliant entertainment.
Mrs Reece - Wendy Cann
Thelma - Joanne Cronk
Audrey - Janine Thomas-Rietti
Felicity - Lynne Percival
Gordon - James Henry
Director - Rosalyn Young
Prompt - Geoff Meddleton
Set Construction - Dallas Stuart, Guido Rhetti, James Henry, Cast & Crew
Sound & Lighting - Dallas Stuart
Backstage Hands - Val Clayton, Roger Simmons, Anna McAlaney
Social Media, Programme & Posters - Sofia Angulatta
With thanks to - Madalyn Brooks, Sam Brooks & Rhys Angulatta