How The Other Half Loves - April 2023

A hilarious farce by Alan Ayckbourn

Three couples. Two dining rooms. One big mess.

Alan Ayckbourn’s classic comedy takes us into a chaotic world of dysfunctional marriages, domestic drama, and infidelity. The lives of three couples frantically intertwine in this classic Ayckbourn comedy of confusion and chaos.

When one of the women arrives home suspiciously late one night, a chain of events unfolds drawing each of the couples ever deeper into hilarious misunderstanding.
Cast and Crew
Frank Foster - Des Cann
Fiona Foster - Madalyn Brooks
Bob Phillips - James Henry
Teresa Phillips - Sofia Angulatta
William Featherstone - Dallas Stuart
Mary Featherstone - Amanda Stuart
Director - Kelly Davis
Stage Manager - Lynne Percival
Assistant Stage Manager - Val Clayton
Prompt - Geoff Meddleton & Kelly Davis
Technical - Sam Brooks
Front of House & Backstage - Anna Mcalaney, Matt McAlaney, Wendy Cann, John Rudderham, Rosalyn Young, Jane Ferre, Maureen Frost
Graphic Design - Sofia Angulatta
Special thanks - Salisbury Theatre, Stanwell Events, Rhys Angulatta, Liz Argent, Samuel French, Concord Theatricals