Prescription for Murder - March/April 2017

In the seemingly quiet town of Bere Knighton there is never a dull moment for Dr. Richard Forth. Not only does he have a hectic work schedule and an awkward friendship with his ex-girlfriend, but his wife, Barbara, is continually ill and nobody knows what is wrong with her. When Eric Dawson, a stranger, claims to have known Richard's second fiancee - a woman Richard claims does not exist - Barbara's health worsens and she isn't the only one. With bad luck spreading almost as quickly as bad news, it seems somebody is out to kill Barbara, and anyone else who gets in their way.
Cast and Crew
Barbara Forth - Amanda Stuart
Dorothy Livingstone - Wendy Cann
Mary Haigh - Val Clayton
Allan Haigh - Roger Simmons
Eric Dawson - Dallas Stuart
Julia Moore - Janine Thomas-Rietti
Dr Richard Forth - Des Cann
Director - Lynne Percival
Stage Manager - Maureen Frost
Prompt - Geoff Meddelton
Sound & Lighting - James Henry
Advertising - Amanda Stuart
Set Construction - Dallas Stuart & members
Programme & Posters - Maureen Frost